Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Alumni Day at the Sainik School, Kazhakootam.

The day had begun leisurely and Vijay, John V and I had set off for the school to be in time for the awards ceremony where MS Mohan Nair, our classmate, was awarded the Flg Offr MP Anil Kumar trophy for his outfit's achievements in the field of nano technology. It was a proud moment for all of us! The ceremony, itself, was impressive and colourful and the school looked prim and proper with its grass clipped and the plants trimmed. There was a poignant moment during the forenoon when I met Saraswathi Amma teacher during the break.

She was our Biology teacher and ours was the first class that she'd taken charge of on joining the staff. I came first in class with 72 marks during the quarterly exams and became her favourite student. It's that affection that I saw on her face as she came near me asking, "Aren't you, Rajeev?" and held my hand. To be remembered by one's teacher after such a long lapse of time was a defining moment of my personality." I was humbled by her love.   

The event, after all, was the 47th Alumni Day of the Sainik School, Kazhakootam.

After Mohan's lunch for us at a nearby hotel, we'd proceeded back to Vijay's place for a short snooze and freshening up. We're off to the Hotel Seaface at Kovalam for the gathering of our classmates and after putting our personal effects into the rooms allotted, we'd assembled at the open banquet hall where the proceedings had begun.

Just before that, Savio and I'd a detailed discussion on Indira kunjamma's ailment and he outlined the steps to proceed further to ascertain the cause of her discomfort. It gave me an idea as to what we'd to do to remove the ambiguity and administering treatment for the causal ailment because as of now it's based on assumptions of the test results that have not thrown up a clear picture!

The evening was fun with the talent of the class as well as that of the spouses were in display. Exchange of anecdotes, fond memories of personalities and happenings and heated conversations regarding certain situations, culled from our school days(I was getting to be aware of interpretations now after such a long lapse of time!).

It was quite late when we turned in for the night but the greatest happiness was that we could once again be boys amid our classmates! Babu Syriac-Joma, Mohan-Asha, John V-Manisha, Jose Cherian, Mohandas Kollody-Shylaja, Deric-Meera, AN Ramesh-Bindu, Mohanachandran-Manju, Vipinachandran-Leena, Ramanujan-Prema, Arun,  Anandakrishnan-Sandhya, self-Lekha, Josekutty Thomas, BR Vijayakumar-Anitha and Louis George-Daisy were the ones that constituted the august gathering!


Nice to be boys, yet again!

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