Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mom's medical review.

"Amma looks good, five years younger and beautiful," so said Mathew Abraham on seeing mom as we entered his consulting room. We'd set off from home by a 10 past 7, there were a few roadblocks enroute and despite George's expert driving we reached the Neurocenter(This is the new name of 'The Brainwaves') by 35 minutes past 9.

Since mom had a light breakfast before we'd set off, we didn't stop for breakfast lest we got delayed further. I'd not had mine because I knew that George wouldn't have had his.

After about three quarters of an hour with the doctor, we'd set our course back to Guruvayur, from Kochi, but only after having our breakfast and easing the bladders at the Oottupura on coming out of the doctor's clinic. But what I was reminded about was his conversation which essentially had the following:-

     (a) His dad's 98th birthday that was celebrated two days earlier with the cutting of a cake. The old
           man is bedridden after the fall he had last year.
     (b) His bad experience with one of his patients as he talked about cases of people's misbehaviour
           with their doctors and cited his own recent experience. A gentleman, in his 50s, had come to
           him for treatment and he'd prescribed the medicines, telling them to keep him informed about
           the progress. After a couple of days, he'd quite out of character, rung them up when he was
           told that the patient didn't want him to be his doctor. A medicine had caused a reaction, it was
To put him at ease, I told him that I considered my mom safe in his hands and that's why we came all the way from Guruvayur, every three months!

We're back by lunchtime. Our maid had come along today after a lapse of almost a month to help the lady who comes in her place. The house was brought back to her standards of cleanliness and she'll be back regularly from Monday onward.


Two medicines have been changed and the dosage of the lead medicine has been altered. The idea was to bring down the aches and the pains that mom complains about.


Our neighbour's father, all of 91 yrs, passed into the mist of time around 2230 hrs. His funeral has been scheduled at 1030 hrs tomorrow morning.

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