Saturday, July 2, 2016

Terror strikes yet again.

1. Terror strikes.

    Yet another instance of terror showing up its ugly face. In Dhaka, twenty hostages, of differing
     nationalities, were butchered by terrorists at the Gulshan Cafe after being made to recite verses
     from the Quran to do a background check!

     Among them was 19 year old, Tarishi Jain, daughter of Sanjiv Jain who was a
     textile shop owner in the city. The young lady was an undergraduate in Economics, at the
     University of California and was on a short holiday.

     What sort of cold blooded killers are these guys to kill harmless people? Snuffing out lives in
     the holy month in the name of Islam, how absurd can it get?

     RIP Tarishi and the others who lost their lives in the tragedy. My tears and prayers. May god give
     their near and dear ones the strength to tide over these stressful times!

2. Another drunk son.

   Sidharth Maharia - all of 24 yrs - son of a Rajasthani MLA was driving his BMW at a speed of over
   100 kmph, sometime past midnight, when he rammed into an auto rickshaw killing three and
   seriously injuring one. He tried to drive off and hit a PCR parked nearby and was ultimately
   apprehended by the police.

   It'll be interesting to note as to what turn this case is gonna take like the famous 'Nanda case',
   where an affluent family tried to buy off witnesses and the relatives of the victims to hush up the

3. The sudden spurt in costs.

    I buy the small bananas because all of us like it, especially my mother. A kilo of the fruit used
    to cost between Rs.35/- and Rs.40/- till last month but has shot up, these days, to Rs.65/-. I asked
    Johny, the owner of a grocery shop that I frequent about the sudden hike in the prices. The
    Muslim folks break their fast by consuming dates and the little bananas, during this holy month.
    (It's called 'Njaalippoovan' in Malayalam).
    Johny's comforting line was, "Not to worry sir, The costs will come back to normal by next
    Thursday!" Exploitation right at our doorstep!!


Today's trip to the supermarket will have to be repeated tomorrow as their plastic card swiping machine was playing truant. There, never, seems to be a dull moment!

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