Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A real wet day.

Had got up after a quarter past 5 and found that my sleep had gone for a toss. After going through the morning chores, I was ready to step out for the walk when Sreekuttan was on television, belting out my favourite religious hymn, 'Krishna, nee vegame baro......'. I stepped back to hear the beautiful bhajan completely and felt very nice. The walk was refreshing as always and thankfully, though it threatened to rain, it just held but I was taking no chances and had carried my umbrella instead of the walking stick.

        *                                   *                                      *

Preetha, Lekha's assistant, has been down with a virulent strain of jaundice - that has the propensity to spread - for the last ten days. Lekha has been managing the show and I, too, join in where possible. Doing the dishes - not adequate enough for the dishwasher to be brought into service - clearing the dry and the wet wastes, putting the soiled clothes into the washing machine prior to breakfast are a few of the things that have become my responsibility! No, I don't have any problems about these additional serials as they've to be performed but these household chores have shown the importance of the maid which one tends to take for granted!!

         *                                   *                                      *

After elaborate homework, I'd stepped out of the house to go to the town and there were quite a few places to visit to get the jobs done. Difficulty in parking, getting out and getting back into the car during rains without anyone to help - one gets wet for no rhyme or reason in that short interlude of opening the umbrella - made me opt for taking an auto rickshaw for running the errands. But what a blow to my carefully laid out plans for ticking off the jobs on my slop chit? Three of my intended destinations were closed on the occasion of Id-ul-Fitr! I'd completely forgotten to factor in this important aspect and no, I was fully aware of it because I'd wished my friends, including my neighbour earlier on! Anyways, I could get mom's and Lekha's medicines.

          *                                  *                                       *

Mom has been put on the new cycle of medicines for the problem of watering of her eyes. The neighbourhood doctor, whom we'd met, has also advised hot water fomentation thrice a day. If these steps do not diminish the problem, probably, she might require to go for the forced opening of the ducts that connect the eyes to the nose according to the ophthalmologist. It's my fervent hope that the problem would be brought under control by the suggested antidotes.

           *                                  *                                       *

The first round of the shutting down of 'The Quarterdeck' was completed before I took off for my evening walk. We set off for Palakkad tomorrow morning to drop mom with my sister and proceed to Thiruvananthapuram to attend the Alumni Day of our school on the 9th, followed by the class of '72 get together at Kovalam that evening. Will look up Indira kunjamma and help the family to decide on the further course of action.

The long drive through the wet weather and negotiating certain stretches of the highway that are bad are going to test my patience and driving skills!


It was a real wet day!  

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