Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Strange sights.

"It takes all sorts of people to make the world", so goes a saying. My observations here will bolster the saying, further.

 (a) Dog thrown off the building.

       From a balcony of a three storey flat in Madras, a medical student threw his dog and had the
       entire act shot by his friend in his camera. This has gone viral on the social media and the police
       has now confirmed that the hapless animal has suffered a fracture and is being nursed in a vet
       clinic. The culprits are absconding. An animal activists' group has filed a case on the issue.

       My take.

       The culprits must be brought to book forthwith and should be dismissed from the course. The
       guys have a psychological flaw and should be prevented from becoming doctors.

 (b) The Modi cabinet reshuffle/expansion.

       The induction of 19 relatively new faces into the union cabinet and the dumping of five non
       performing ones, along with changes at the senior cabinet level posts have once again shown
       that the Prime Minister is his own man while taking decisions. Both politics and performance
       have been factored in. How it influences the outcome of the imminent polls in Uttar Pradesh
       and Punjab will have to be seen.

       My take.

       What has happened to the Prime Minister's minimum government, maximum governance? I
       suppose the experience of the last two years have brought him to this decision. The Shiv Sena
       has been shown that their anti-BJP capers in Maharashtra despite being a partner in governance
       is not acceptable. Interesting!

 (c) Cellphones banned for girls under 18 years.<18 b="" nbsp="" years.="">

       A Lodhi Rajput community khap panchayat of the Etah district in Uttar Pradesh has issued a
       diktat to this effect in a gathering of about 4,000 people in Bhilaipur village. This was
       consequential to a widely circulated video, on What'sApp, showing a 15 year old girl
       being forced to strip by the director of her school.

       My take.

       Though I'm of the firm opinion that the 'khap panchayats' cannot usurp the role of the judiciary
       this is one decision that I support. I'd go a step further and say that cellphones must be banned
       from use in all schools up to the Plus 2 level. Not only is it a distraction but it's also the
       perpetrators of crimes. Only a collective drive on the part of the children, the parents and the
       teachers can bring about an effective ban!


The night was noisy with the bursting of the crackers on the eve of Id ul Fitr. The month long schedule of prayer and fasting has come to an end!



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