Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Oh, it's here again.

The Supreme Court's indictment and the consequential reinstatement of the previous Congress government in Arunachal Pradesh should be a lesson to all the political parties that would desist them from making such faux pas in future. Just because a party has the majority in the center doesn't mean that it should unseat the governments of the states that aren't under its rule. Actually, the blame must go to all parties concerned viz.:-

     (a) The party in power at the center.
     (b) The state government that make noises and puts up a show that whatever the center does has
            to be opposed just because it belongs to a different political dispensation.
     (c) Greedy politicians within the state - with plenty of support from its reps in the center - who
           want to grab power at any cost.
     (d) The Governor who has been appointed by the center feels that he must show his loyalty by
           doing things that would supposedly win him/her their praise!
     (e) And lastly, the so called advisers, the wheeler dealers and the fixers who give reasons for the

When the Prime Minister had talked about a Congress-mukt-Bharat, one expected his party to win at the hustings and overpower the Congress in a systematic manner and not through unconstitutional means. No amount of argument that even the Congress had done it in the past or that the actions are based on past trends cut much ice. By putting up a government through the backdoor, the people get disillusioned and show their anger at the subsequent elections bringing back the same government that was dumped!

And yes, if bad governance or a serious law and order problem exists, then the center has all the right to dismiss the state government for its inefficiency - there's no doubt on that! For the center, Uttarakhand followed by Arunachal Pradesh are vital lessons that calls for attitudinal corrections.


Unfortunate! The Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan's statement in the Kerala Assembly that the hatred caused by the killing of a CPM member at Kannur led to the killing of a BJP member! He seems to have forgotten that:-

      (a) He cannot afford to make loose statements especially in his case where he happens to be
            the state's home minister too.
      (b) He's the chief minister of the entire state and not to his party!

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