Thursday, June 22, 2017

A comparatively quiet day.

Had got up around 4, recited my prayers and tried to turn off to sleep but it wasn't forthcoming. There was nothing much I could do except to continue lying on bed and wait for the day to commence! Did a bit of reading during the period.

Manu and the car were sent for the IIT guys at a half past 4 so that they could get the morning 'darshan' of Lord Padmananbhaswamy and thereafter, get dropped at the airport. By the time he'd come to pick me up, it was around 10 and I'd headed straight for the office. Once there, Indira ma'am, Lekha and I sat through to compile a question bank of 75 questions for the forthcoming quiz competition.

The refreshment guy, Shihab, was given the requirement of the sweet meat packets for distribution on Sunday when we've a discussion forum on "Quran and reading". The usual Saturday group discussions will go on at 1530 hrs that day, which will be regulated by a research fellow from the 'Bhasha Institute'. These were put in place and the finer aspects were worked out through the course of the day.

Gopu, my cousin, had come around 5 o'clock and we could exchange notes over so many aspects that had taken place since we'd met last. He waited patiently, when I went across for grooming and sprucing up in the gents' saloon at Vazhuthacaud because my overall outlook needed a 'face lift', both, in the literal and the real sense! It took about almost an hour and Vinod was adept at his work.

After winding up for the day, we'd gone to Indira kunjamma's house to look up Suresh. Gopu's candid confession, "Chetta, I don't have the heart to see him in his present state and it's more than a month since I visited the house but with you along, I'll be comfortable!" With the right side of his face puffed up, Suresh looked hideous and pathetic. It could be noticed that the poor man was going through immense pain and he complained to me about, it adding that Reshmi wasn't available at his side many a time. The problem is that he sleeps through the day thanks to the four hourly dosages of morphine but remains awake at night while she has to go for work and worry about other things too.

Her retort was simple, "Chetta , I try to be with him all the times except while running errands that can only be done by me and I make sure that the medicines that are to be given, during my absence, would be given by someone else without fail". She has been indifferent about her own health, not taken those periodic medical tests and consequently, has high blood sugar readings. She'd, incidentally, just returned from the Hanuman temple nearby, looking satisfied that another vow of her's has been carried out, finally, after many hiccups. Kripu, their son, was his usual cheerful self and was voluble about his new class and the connected studies.


We returned to our respective destinations, thereafter. Both Vichaani kunjamma and her grand daughter were down with viral fever that's raging in Thiruvananthapuram these days and therefore, a visit to her place was out of question. Did speak to Sindhu, however.    

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