Thursday, June 15, 2017

A day of delicate co-ordination.

The day had started at a half past 5. The chores were quickly gone through and was down at the lounge for a hearty breakfast. While going down in the lift, met Sushil Kumar after what seemed to be a long time and in the process, met his charming wife, Sudha who's a frequent Guruvayur visitor - if I were to coin a new phrase. They've settled down in Bombay but are keen to come down to Kerala. He's come for the treatment of his painful knee and might require a prolonged medical management, so he feels!

Maman fetched up at a half past 9 and was in time for his complimentary breakfast as I'd booked a room for him, thinking that he'd come in last night. Then, we'd a very interesting interaction with the yoga group of Kaithapram Vasudevan Namboodiri, Anil and Chethana. The center is gonna share space with us while being with the Prime Minister! They're going to stoke our interest in it by conducting an orientation course exclusively for us after this event gets to its logical conclusion.

From there it was the venue. A few things, that I'd agreed to undertake yesterday had to be undone, as the bill had worked out to a huge sum. With his experience in these matters, Maman was able to scale down the projected requirements by having the government agencies agree to do things for us. We're also able to convince the AIG of the special protection group to discard the installation of the 12 tower a/cs to cool the entire hall that would have burnt a huge hole in the Foundation's pockets!

Meanwhile, the final approval for the programme came in from the PMO in black and white. The major electrical, electronics and auditorium decoration could be handed over to the government agencies and the event management group had that much less on its platter! Consequently, the expenses were scaled down drastically!!

A late lunch-cum-tea in a nearby restaurant and it was back to work. The making of the security passes and the finer aspects of the beginning-to-the-end of the half hour programme were set in place. The dais plan came back snipped and the minute-to-minute, altered.


We spent our time, late into the evening within the premises of the College, to ensure that the auditorium was in a presentable state for the PM's visit and to see the various groups come by and begin their activities.   

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