Tuesday, June 6, 2017

At Kochi.

The day had started at 4 AM. We were out of our house by a few minutes past 6 and took the NH 17 for our journey to Kochi. The traffic wasn't difficult and we're at Panampilli Nagar, for breakfast, by about 10' past 8. The beauty was that the rain had held on all through the trip. We're at Shenoy Care by a 5' past 9. Remembered our numerous trips with mom when we used to meet up with her doctor...to me today's trip seemed to be a continuation of one of those trips, sadly, without her!

The meeting with Lekha's doctor was nice as he looked pleased with her progress and the various medical lab results. The dosage of a couple of medicines has been reduced. By the time we're out of the clinic, it was about a half past 12 and I'd parked the car at my usual spot before Lekha had gone off to get a few of her jobs done, in an auto rickshaw. I'd, meanwhile, browsed my mail.

It was a fairly late lunch, therefore, at Ramesh's place and we did feel bad that we'd kept them waiting! And then, started our fairly long conversation about things that interested the both of us. Bindu was superb looking after our gastronomical interests with care while being an active participant in our conversations.

Ramesh has had a phase of chemo and looked a bit tired but that did not stop his enthusiasm in chatting up with us. This time, too, we couldn't take them to dinner out as Bindu was apprehensive about Ramesh picking up infection because of his immunity being temporarily down thanks to the recently concluded chemo phase. He's poised for the next on the Wednesday, after tomorrow!

It's a long evening and as usual, we'd gone about each of our classmates and as to what they're up to. And yes, there was a riot of laughter, recalling past events from school!


It was a day well spent!  

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