Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Workshop - day 2.

We'd got up at a half past 4, quickly run through some of our chores and were out of the house by 5. Had picked up Das babu from the hotel and we dropped him at the airport well in time for his flight to Calcutta. Wasn't he thankful for our seeing him off personally?

Back home, we'd a quick wash, change and breakfast and were in the office. There were quite a few letters that were to be pumped out, arrangements for the next two days' programme had to be made and the list of activities that were to be executed during the 'Reading Month' was prepared. Meanwhile, we'd made a dash to the Barton Hill Engineering College to oversee the workshop's progress and prepare for the valedictory function for the afternoon.

The afternoon's function with the minister of forests in chair was a colourful and well attended function. The students had given a good feedback about the course which was the most satisfying thing. The debrief, soon after, was short but extremely critical about our shortcomings. Shyam, my driver and the Qawalis were sent back to Kollam as the requirement for the next couple of days was at a minimum. Alex, the driver on hire, was also sent away after handing over his payment. His revolt of yesterday was something that I haven't been able to accept even now. I felt sad. Was he going through pressure because of his increasing debt?

Maman was dropped at the airport by a quarter to 7 with Aji at the helm of the Majic! He'll return on Saturday after touching Hyderabad and New Delhi on official work. I've a task to perform in his absence which is to attend the 'Reading Month' celebrations at the Prabhath Book House in his place. Certain newly published books on PN Panicker will be handed over to me. I'd spoken to the organiser and he appeared to be thrilled about meeting the prodigal grandson!

Was in the office, quite late, as Manu and the car were taking our guests, from the IIT, for a chukker of the city. They'd be visiting the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple tomorrow morning at 5 before taking off back to Calcutta by the flight at 0830 hrs.


Calls from both the schools at Thalavoor came in, one after the other. I've given them the dates of 06 and 09 Jul for the books-handing-over ceremony. The confirmations will reach tomorrow.

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