Sunday, June 18, 2017

The ignominy.

The whole nation was waiting with bated breath about the outcome of the India-Pakistan final of the Champions trophy.

Consider the following:-

   (a) India had beaten Pakistan during their first clash in the championship and it was a resounding
   (b) Sri Lanka thrashed us convincingly despite the fact that we'd batted first and amassed a huge
   (c) Bangladesh had been playing cohesively and well but was beaten by us.
   (d) It became another India-Pakistan final and sure enough, things had taken a hype.
   (e) Finally, in the battle of wits, they're able to beat us as usual.

And see, what they've been able to do to us. The entire country has become grief stricken! The soldiers on the border are the people who take the loss into their hearts. Matters get more difficult when the Pakistani soldiers on the other side of the Line of Control taunt them about the loss.

Wish Viraat Kohli and his team understand this. We, as their countrymen, have the right to demand that because of the following factors:-

   (a) We've given them an exalted status in society.
   (b) We - yes, the BCCI is ours too - pay them very, very well.
   (c) We do not expect them to lose any game at all!


I'm glad in one way. At least for the next few weeks, the focus on cricket by the media is gonna be less!

Or was it a rigged match after all?

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