Friday, June 16, 2017

The mad scramble.

My sleep had vanished quite early. I was, therefore, up and about and had gone through my chores. We're ready well in time and made it to the venue without any delay. The sight of the venue was truly pathetic because it was nowhere near completion. To add to our woes, a few members of the school staff played the blame game. The welcome arch at the entrance gate, the backdrop at the auditorium and the work by the electronic sections were lagging behind. And by a quarter to 10, the officials had landed and the blame game had taken a larger dimension.

Meanwhile, I'd gone across to the Town Hall for the briefing called for by the assistant commissioner of police. Firstly, it was a Herculean task to reach the place thanks to the bad traffic and on reaching, the entry was impossible as the personnel on duty had swamped the compound! After telling a subordinate officer about our arrival, we returned to the venue and I realised that all hell had broken loose out there because of:-

      (a) The PMO had objected to the cluttered backdrop and asked us to remove both PN Panicker's
            and the PM's photos.
      (b)  It also found spelling mistakes in our Hindi logo.
      (c)  Meanwhile, the yoga people were giving hell regarding their logo being smaller!

I'd taken it upon myself to get a new logo. taking off without keeping Maman in the loop. There was no point in keeping him on tenterhooks. The Hindi Prachar Sabha was my first destination - Priyesh and Anju were of a great help and of course, so was Babu. Then it was a rush to the Computer Point and from there, to Ranjith's studio for handing over the script-corrected logo. The time was 4 and both, Alex, the driver and I hadn't had lunch. Back at the venue, the achievement wasn't registered and I did feel disheartened!

The work had gathered pace and my morning inhibitions seemed to be a false alarm.

The mad dash for the 'special duty passes' took place around 8, when Indira, Lekha, Maman and I went to the studio at Broadway for being photographed and after collecting them, had rushed off to the SP's office to get the passes made. Rajesh, who'd come in the evening to clarify things, delayed me purposely while regretting the delay! It took me almost two hours to complete the job despite the fact that there was no rush.


Certain times, one comes across such characters too.        

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