Saturday, June 3, 2017

The transfer racket and other stories.

News stories that are being churned out, these days, never fail to amaze me. The scripts are getting bizarre, no doubts on that! Here we go:-

   (a) The transfer racket in the Army.

         It was with great sadness that I read about the CBI having cornered a Lt Colonel and a few
         others at the Army Headquarters who're involved in a transfer racket. To manage a posting
         through a well positioned superior was something one had heard about when one was in
         the service but it was more in jest and one never seriously considered it, ever.

         How does such a story affect both within and without?

         Within the service, the vast majority go by the following postulates:-

                (i) One is observed, almost continuously, by one's superiors and the results find their
                     way into one's confidential reports, annually.
               (ii) Transfers and promotions were directly proportional to one's sincerity and perseverance.
              (iii) Transfers were great opportunities to see new places, make new friends and remove
                     monotony, the temporary phase of turmoil notwithstanding!
          For them, it must be a rude shock.

          Outside the service, the civvy street guys must be laughing it out saying that there were enough
          crooks in uniform. Sad!

          But what one can't forget is that the defence forces get their officers and men from the society 
          that they're part of and therefore, are not insulated from the vagaries of the system. My only
          doubt is as to how these guys have passed through the fairly tough entrance procedures which
          lay a lot of stress on the psychological make up of an individual. 

   (b) The rot in Indian cricket.

         Ramachandra Guha's resignation from the Supreme Court appointed Committee of
         Administrators for Indian cricket is an indicator that all is still not well in the administration
         of the game. The fundamental fact is that a few players have attained 'godly' status and in
         a way, we all are partly to blame. The players will jolly well give off their best while playing
         for their country because they're being paid plenty for that, not to mention the fame and the
         adulation that go with it. 

         The cleaning up needs to be pursued vigorously and the players put in their place by making
         it clear that no one can ever become more important than the game itself!


Had gone to Sajeesh for trimming my hair, a monthly ritual. Meanwhile, the PCI rep had visited us to carry out the quarterly treatment of 'The Quarterdeck' to keep away the pests. 

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