Friday, June 2, 2017

Does this happen only in India?

Going by some of the news clippings, on print this morning, I wonder whether such happenings are restricted only within our country or is it universal? Without much ado, let me go through just three among them that angered me:-

  Scene 1.

  At a government hospital in Shivamoga, Karnataka.

  75 year old Amirsaab was dragged by his wife, Fameeda, through the corridor of the hospital to
  the scan center, because the nursing staff had told her that wheelchair wasn't available. Amirsaab
  was admitted in the hospital on 25 May on complaints of respiratory problems.

  Is this the way responsible nursing staff behave? Those who do not react to the requirements of the 
  patients should not be allowed to serve in the nursing profession! 

  Scene 2.

  Outside the Guru Tej Bahadur Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi.

  Shekhar Kapasia, a BCom student and a juvenile were inspired by the movie, 'Rowdy Rathore'
  when they took on an e-rickshaw driver, Ravinder and bashed him to death. The duo, had drunk a       bottle of beer 'to beef themselves up for an examination' and were easing themselves, when
  Ravinder had tossed a coin across, urging them to use a public toilet. This action angered them and
  ended up in the driver's tragic end when they adopted a tactic they'd seen in the movie.

  Many Indians still need to be aware of the PM's 'Swachch Bharath' programme. The youngsters 
  must be taught a lesson; unfortunately, the juvenile will get away lightly thanks to the pitfalls in
  the law!

  Scene 3.

  On NH 17, at Perinjanam.

  79 year old Professor Varghese Mathai who was hit by a vehicle - that sped away after the mishap -
  succumbed to his injuries. He was walking along the side of the road when the tragedy occurred.
  Perinjanam, is in between Ernakulam and Guruvayur and we'd passed through that narrow stretch
  just a few days back.

  I only hope that there's a cc tv in the vicinity of the accident. The culprit must be booked for man
  slaughter and given the appropriate punishment because he showed no inclination to save a person
  whom he'd put under distress!


My walks, today, were washed out because of rains though I did walk within my house for about 40 mts in the evening!  

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