Friday, June 9, 2017

It's happening!

(a) It's Happening.

      This is a take off from what I'd written on 04 Jun, under the heading, 'Politicising reading'. I was         on my walk - there was a break in the rains - and to my utter surprise saw posters on the electric
      posts, at regular intervals, that 19 Jun is gonna be 'Remembering EMS' day. The guys are at work       to be silent about PN Panicker's efforts as the founder of the Kerala Library Movement. The sad
      thing is that the State Library Council is doing this nasty thing on his Remembrance Day.

      Can they ever achieve their nefarious goal? Can they obliterate PN Panicker from the
      Malayalee's psyche? At the outset, I must tell the organisers that it's a futile endeavour! I've the
      following questions to ask of them, which are:-

               (i) PN Panicker and EMS were the best of friends in their lifetime. I, as a kid, used to look
                    forward to his visits to our home at Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram because he used to
                    give me chocolates and I also remember our visits to his house - my grandfather used to
                    take me along with my maman, during those visits. The organisers seem to be oblivious
                    of this fact and is it their ignorance that's prompting them to do the unthinkable or is it

              (ii) Why is this sudden love for EMS? What's the reason for not having remembered him
                    all this while?

             (iii) I'm, therefore, repeating my question that I've asked earlier too. What's PN Panicker done
                    that continues to elicit the grudge in the organisers even after 22 years of his passing

             (iv) Is this what is meant by altering history? If yes, please refrain from it because the very
                    same history will ridicule you in the end!


  (b) The Trail of Violence in Madhya Pradesh.

        The death of five farmers due to police firing in Mandsaur, MP, is definitely a cause for concern
        and a quick remedial action needs to be taken by the government at the earliest. There cannot
        be false egos and tough stances coming in the way of negotiations to find a lasting solution.
        What, however, is disgusting is the shameless manner in which the opposition had taken
        advantage of the situation and incited its men to violence.

        Such an attitude can never be acceptable. Can politics stoop to such low levels?


Theresa May's poor showing at the hustings must teach her a lesson. Is the average Britisher fed up with frequent polls? Or was it her lackadaisical show as the Interior Minister, a position that she'd held for six years and which has come home to roost with the spate of the recent terror attacks? 

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