Saturday, June 10, 2017

Down memory lane.

The day had begun on a wet note. It was raining as though the heavens had opened its floodgates. It was an early morning grooming to attend the silver jubilee function of the Thrissur District Retired/Released Defence Services' officers' Association's of which I'm a member. I'd gone along with my neighbour and reached the venue in time. Rear Admiral Ravi Nadkarni, the Chief of Staff, Headquarters, Southern Naval Command had presided over the function and Commodore B Anand, the NCC Group Commander had accompanied him.

They're with me at the Center for Leadership and Behavioural Studies(C-LABS), in the late '90s. It was nice meeting them, we exchanged notes with a promise to meet again! The function was crisp and nice, with two presentations - basically, addressed for the benefit of the NCC cadets - regarding the Indian Army and the Indian Navy but what definitely was the highlight was Major Ravi's - the film maker - spirited speech about his blood boiling when anyone talked ill of the services!

Since my neighbour had left early, I'd hitched my return trip with Lt Col CM George and Ms. Nalini
Sara George which was an interesting yet humbling experience. Both have past histories of cancer - his prostate was affected while it was her ovary that was affected - but have come out of it absolutely clear, thanks to their tremendous will power and positive outlook. It was, indeed, a pleasure to spend almost an hour with them in their car as we traversed from Thrissur to Kunnamkulam, through pouring rain. He's in the mid 70s while she's in the late '60s and their zest for life is infectious. They've just returned after a five day trip to Singapore along with their son and his family.

We'd taken a detour through their daughter's residence in the town because they'd to hand over some ripe jack fruit - from their estate - for their grand daughter who'd soon be graduating as an engineer and they were apologetic about the detour and did not spend much time as promised. Wonder whether my presence had cut short their plans of spending more time out there?

I'd got off at Kunnamkulam with the promise that we'd meet again and had got back in an auto rickshaw - its driver did fleece me off Rs.140/- for traversing the 9 kms to my home! He was taking advantage of the situation!


1. Lekha left for Palakkad by 1 in George's cab. The earlier understanding was that she'd go in a low floor a/c bus of the state road transport corporation and I wasn't feeling good about it but I didn't want to water down her confidence. It was, then, a great relief when she'd called up to say that that she'd called George to drop her because of the deluge and consequently, reached my sister's place by 3. She'll be there while I spend the next fortnight at Thiruvananthapuram.

It was a quiet and lonely evening thereafter!

2. I was invited to an 'Iftar' party where I got a chance to mingle with a few youngsters. It was an interesting interaction!   

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