Monday, June 19, 2017

The 22nd 'Vaayana Dinam'.

Had got up at 4, recited my prayers and drifted off to sleep all over again to wake up at 6. Today was Muthachhan's 22nd remembrance day and it's the 'Vaayana Dinam'. The Foundation's public programme was at the imposing Tagore theatre at 1400 hrs.

We'd reached the office by about a quarter to 8. My vehicle came in soon after, with Syam behind the wheel, from Kollam. There were two errands in the forenoon:-

   (a) The first was a dash to the state library council to hand over our protest because it had given
         only attendee status to Maman in their programme for tomorrow.
   (b) The second was a trip to the press at the Statue junction to get printouts of our programme
         for tomorrow.

We all reached the Tagore theatre at a half past 1 to reel in horror at the total state of unpreparedness. It was a pathetic show on the part of a government organisation. Can you believe this? You won't, I bet:-

    (a) There were no chairs on the dais.
    (b) The sound and the light systems were not connected.
    (c) The place hadn't been cleaned for ages!
    (d) There weren't any signs of the watchman or housekeeper/curator who're being paid for looking
          after the auditorium.
    (e) The air conditioner wasn't switched on and one must understand that it takes an hour to cool
          the auditorium.

And mind you, we'd paid a cool 45 grand at 10, this morning for hiring the haloed auditorium!

Naturally, Maman had gone into an overdrive and we all pitched in. Chairs were brought in from the Foundation, the tall traditional lamp was hired and Muthachhan's photograph, along with the floral accompaniments were put in place. Students from the schools nearby formed the audience along with our family, relatives and friends. The programme had begun half an hour late as the chief guest, Padma Vibhushan Adoor Gopalakrishnan had insisted upon the driver to drive slowly.

The programme was cute especially for the following:-

       (a) Little Nayana handing over the books while receiving the guests on the dais.
       (b) The programme lasted 45', short and sweet.
       (c) Ten children performing 'Guruvandanam' to Celine ma'am, the Head Mistress of the Cotton
             Hill Girls' High School who is the national awardee for being the best teacher .
       (d) Distribution of sweet meat packets to everyone who'd attended the event.


1. I'd found my solitude at the Foundation at 1913 hrs, the time at which Muthachhan had passed into the mist of time 22 years ago. I thanked god for bringing me into this world as his grandson! My grandfather bestest.

2. There were a few things to do for tomorrow's events and I'd to complete them before returning home.

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