Monday, June 12, 2017

A mixed bag.

I'd got up around 4, recited my prayers and turned around for another round of sleep till 6. The first morning prank was on young Chambu, when I'd asked him as to why he spent a long time in the wash while having a bath. His answer was simple, in that, whatever the weather, he showered only in normal water and he needed time to get used to the temperature. As an after thought, he added that he refrained from having hot showers because another cousin of ours, Reshmi, had told him that his sperm count would reduce if he did that.

Now, that was a big mumbo jumbo that I was hearing and had a hearty laugh. We left for the Foundation by a half past 8. The preparation for the 'Vaayana dinam and Vaaram' celebrations were on in full swing. The first errand was to the Hindi Prachar Sabha, along with Sudha ma'am, to validate my Hindi translation of the slogan for this year's 'Vaayana dinam', We'd to go to the professor's house at Peroorkada and I realised that 'Vaayana dinam' was not 'Padhaai diwas' but 'Vaachan divas' to cite one example to show that my brief foray into the language was, but, a plain disaster ! I could, thus, brush up a bit of my Hindi - minimum Hindi from the NDA, after all - under the kind professor's tutelage, albeit, for a short while!

The next trip was to Narayana Kurup sir to collect the article that he'd penned regarding the current tussle. It was another interesting interaction that I was privy to. Both have asked me to pass on the final version of their products! Consequently, Maman and I'd lunch at a quarter to 4!!

By evening, we'd the confirmation about the Prime Minister attending our programme on the 17th, at Ernakulam. The details, on the ground, will be worked out in the coming days with a dash to Ernakulam tomorrow morning. Will return by the evening.

Our visit to the chief minister, in the evening, provided the sobering effect!


The rains seemed to have receded for good, at least, in Thiruvananthapuram. Had transferred the money, asked for by the caretaker into his account, by 9 to clear the grass around the rubber trees and to apply the requisite quantity of manure. 

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