Monday, June 5, 2017

Mixed emotions.

Today, it was raining cats and dogs. Sometime, through the break, I'd made a dash to finish a few pending jobs. Enroute, I'd also topped up my Chevy with fuel and checked the tyre pressure. Krevka, the ever smiling attendant, was at hand to help me out. Ikka - the 76 year old Mr. Rajah and my neighbour - had advised me to use the NH 17 to go to Kochi as it has been reported by the media, in the last few days, that a portion of the other highway was extremely slippery and a few vehicles had slipped off while applying brakes. Damn sweet of him!

Lekha's appointment with her doctor is at 1030 hrs. We plan to kick off by 0600 hrs and hope to be at his clinic well in time. Hope the weather holds and the route is okay! We'd be staying with Ramesh and Bindu, as fixed with them earlier.

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There was this news about the NDTV proprietor, Pranoy Roy's properties being raided by the CBI. When the agency conducts such raids, I'd like to believe that it has done all the homework and has come across some concrete and startling revelations that necessitates the individual concerned to brought to book. And I really did feel sad, earlier I'd received a jolt when it was known that his family had a communist leaning. Nothing wrong with being a communist, but a news channel that's supposed to be neutral in the business of providing us - the general public - with unbiased news and views, its neutrality gets to be suspect and in hindsight, judging from some of its coverage of certain news in the recent past, its neutrality is suspect......the JNU imbroglio and Kanhaiya Kumar, for example.

So, why am I feeling sad about Pranoy Roy?

I'm gonna go very sentimental. Years back, in the late '80s, I used to be hooked on to 'The World This Week' anchored by the suave Roy, every Friday, because it was wholesome, informative, nicely packaged and Roy looked sincere, authentic and as I believed, a person of integrity. It's that credibility that's at stake, he needs to come clean about the financial shenanigans attributed to him and cannot get away with that lame excuse of 'witch hunt by the Modi government' or 'the government's clampdown on free speech'!

Go take a walk with such statements that the public have got fed up with after having realised that these are made by people who're cornered, nice and proper!

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It was a great moment when the ISRO launched its heaviest rocket GSLV 3, with a communications satellite, into space at 1728 hrs this evening. This is a precursor to sending manned spacecraft into space in the years to come.

The thought that came to my mind during the occasion, was that it took thirty years of efforts by our scientists to come to this milestone, because of the simple reason that the US had put impediments on our country regarding the development of the cryogenic engines!


Partha Chatterjee equates General Bipin Rawat with General Dyer of the Jalianwala Bagh massacre fame. It's for his endorsement of Major Lithul Gogoi's action of using a stone pelter, as a shield, to save stranded polling officials in Kashmir. How has he got away when he doesn't know what he's talking?

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