Sunday, June 25, 2017

Rain, rain go away...

It has been raining cats and dogs out here, at Guruvayur, over the past few days with the result that normal life has been brought to a grinding halt. Water has collected in many areas and if you happen to be walking along the road then be prepared to be showered with dirty water by a few insensitive motorists who speed their way through, with scarce consideration towards their fellow citizens!

        *                      *                       *

For me, it has become a favourite pastime to sit on the swing at the balcony and watch the rain. It provides a sense of calm and relaxes the mind, perking up the creativity within. I must hasten to add that there hasn’t been much of an output on that front as yet......except for some insightful inputs for my blogs. My long morning and evening walks have, consequently, suffered though this evening, I could go across to the Medicare there, for buying an ointment for Lekha's eyes. Had also gone to the temple on the return leg and the rains were thankfully holding. Began in right earnest the exercises advised to me by Chambu.

     *                      *                        *

I pity the plight of the newspaper boy for having to come through the pouring rain to give us our morning newspapers to read. Ramakrishnan had a plastic draped around him to shield himself from the rain and managed to remain dry to the extent feasible. But his smile was in place as I thanked him for taking the trouble of servicing us under such adverse conditions. Lekha had provided him with a hot cup of tea which he’d shyly accepted and gulped it down in a jiffy.

     *                      *                        *

The water level has risen in our well and I ain’t exaggerating when I say that it stands, now, at ground level. Yes, had it not been for its concrete embankment, the water would have spread across the grass and even into the tiled courtyard. And come to think of it, it was just last month when Lekha and I were hoping like mad that rains came because the water level had receded to the last rung, thanks to the persistent summer heat.

*                   *                                *

What does one say about the state electricity board? It’s as inefficient as ever. When I’d seen the workers trimming the trees to clear the electric cables off the foliage, just before the commencement of the monsoon, I’d told myself that the board had become professional by taking precautionary measures to ensure interruption free power supply even during the severest of monsoon. But I realise now that I was very wrong in my perception because frequent power trips have become the order of the day. I should go a step further by saying that some of these guys, on duty, switch off the system before heavy rain so that they do not have any emergencies to increasing trend, as many inefficient guys get promoted to vantage positions in the organisation thanks to their ‘connections’! They do not know their job!!


A quiet Sunday when I could catch up on my reading. 

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