Friday, June 30, 2017

Some personal observations.

AMMA's deplorable stance.

The Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes(AMMA) had their executive meeting yesterday and the organisational meeting today. The sad part was that the Bhavana kidnapping case was very much in the air but the organisation chose to look the other way and refrained from making any remark on the incident after the conclusion of the meeting. It has not been taken well by the common man.

The reason is simple. The actors and the actresses are looked upon by the rest of the population as paragons of virtue, thanks to the roles that they sashay on the screen and the ones that don negative roles are hated. It's, therefore, a natural progression that the stars are expected to take the right stand when controversies arise. In the actress's abduction case, the average Malayalee has been shocked and the rumour that there was a conspiracy, involving some others of the fraternity has, further, infuriated the common man.

Against this backdrop, it was appalling that the organisation has not taken a stand. Further, statements from within, to the effect that the assets of all actors should be audited, point out to a deep rot in the Malayalam film fraternity. And that's a cause for concern!

The dithering opposition.

The Congress, the communists and many of the opposition have ganged up to stay away from the midnight session of the Parliament when the GST will be heralded in. The Congress party's reason is the most bizarre. The parliament has been called for midnight sessions, till now, only to celebrate the freedom the country had acquired and therefore, it doesn't find it reason enough to celebrate the GST's arrival. The sad part is that the opposition did play a role in the final passing of the bill in both the houses!

Perhaps, the opposition is miffed that the BJP is grabbing all the attention despite the fact that the party had opposed it tooth and nail during the initial stages.

But as a citizen, I only hope that the opposition's charge about the tax regime being introduced with inadequate preparation is not true. The point is being bandied just to confuse the public and gain some brownie points, I presume!


1. Another day with plenty of rain!
2. TP Senkumar, the DGP who'd returned after winning a legal battle with the Kerala government, retired today. It's very clear that he'd an ongoing battle with a few guys of the force and the government during the 50 odd days he was back on the saddle. Wish you a happy retired life and I must add that you've become a hero for many of us.

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