Saturday, July 1, 2017

Adieu Amminikutty Amma!

This morning, at 0536 hrs, Ramakrishnan's 105 year old mom and my grand aunt passed into the mist of time. Actually, her end seemed to have been scripted as it happens to every human being who passes this earth. About a fortnight back, it started off with Ramakrishnan contracting viral fever. With the eagerness to get back on track to look after his mother, along with the home nurse, he'd started doing things as he used to do as usual. In the process, he suffered a relapse and was laid up in bed.

My cousin and Ramakrishnan's chechi were caught up with the fever and the house had begun to look like a quarantine. Despite that amma had caught the bug. The fever turned to Pneumonia and she'd to be shifted to the Indira Gandhi Co-operative Hospital under her doctor. He did raise the red flag this time and the scary breathing noise had come to haunt everyone. This morning that noble soul finally decided to leave us for her eternal life.

My cousin, Prabha, had called up around 8 to break the news. The body was being brought to the 'Ivar Madhom' for cremation. Rema and Achu came at about 1030 hrs based on an earlier agreement between them to buy me a new cellphone. Accordingly, the instrument was brought but since my sim was not of 'nano size' nothing much could be done and two things prevented from commissioning the instrument:-

   (a) It was pouring.
   (b) There was no cellphone servicing shops in the immediate vicinity.

George came by 2 and Lekha and I left for Ivar Madhom soon after. Rema and Achu had left soon after and our maid had ensured their getting on to the bus, as instructed by Lekha. We reached the cremation ground by 4 and very soon the others had fetched up too. Was one of the pall bearers to place amma on the pyre, from the ambulance. About half an hour after the pyre was lit, we said a quiet prayer to the departed soul.


It was packing time and we need to leave for Bangalore in the morning by a quarter to 9.


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