Friday, July 21, 2017

A few thoughts that whiz past.

There was a twenty hour traffic snarl on the Palakkad-Thrissur highway, at Kuthiraan, thanks to the massive potholes that have sprung up on the thoroughfare. Imagine getting stranded in such a situation - food and drinking water at a premium, the necessity to ease oneself from time to time becoming a problem, especially, for the fairer sex and god forbid, if someone is ill, the problem becomes huge, to unfathomable proportions. To make matters worse, the ongoing rains must have made matters worse.

I've still not forgotten the four hours of getting caught in a traffic snarl at New Delhi, about eight years back. One feels totally helpless under such circumstances! I pity those passengers who must have lost valuable time - some might have been headed to their destinations and had a constraint of time, some others who must have missed deadlines or missed important appointments.

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The BJP's state unit has been rocked by the scam regarding the receipt of Rs.5.6 cr by one of its functionaries. This was the gratification amount for getting the Medical Council of India's(MCI) clearance for a medical college at Varkala. The party is in a turmoil as it is embroiled in corruption charges which tarnishes its image considerably. And the cadre is obviously dreading the punitive actions that would be meted out by its central leadership.

I'm reminded about an appeal from a cousin of mine who wanted to know as to whether I knew anyone from the team that issued the technical clearances. I remember cutting a sorry figure(?) with him that I didn't 'know' people in high places but I did ask him as to how he'd forgotten the fact that I never asked or received favours from anybody.

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It was only recently that I've come to know that I'm exempted from paying income tax as I'm a gallantry award winner. And I've been dutifully filing my income tax return all these years. The manager of the bank which looks after my financial activities has said that he'd be writing an appropriate mail to the authorities.

The income tax authorities will definitely be wondering on two counts viz.:-

      (a) Why has this guy woken up so late?
      (b) Can anyone be so dumb, not to be aware of personal rights and privileges?

I must concede that I, myself, am feeling too sheepish!


The Viral fever is getting off slowly, taking its own time. The congestion in the chest has reduced considerably.  

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