Saturday, July 15, 2017

The rambling continues.........

I must say that the news about cine actor, Dileep not getting bail and consequently, will be in police custody till the 25th made me happy. It isn't surprising because an aversion about the actor has been building up steadily, thanks to the continuous stream of news bytes on his ongoing antics viz.:-

    (a) He has not been co-operating with the investigations wherein he counters the questions
         asked of him with humorous counters.
    (b) A section of the social media, supporting him, has been highlighting his good deeds and
          is making an earnest bid for his early return. The cheekiness in this regard shows the actor's
          hopes of making a comeback despite the skeletons tumbling out!
    (c) His manager and hatchet man, Appunni, has suddenly gone missing!
    (d) The much touted 'D Cinemas' at Chalakudi is on government land acquired by dubious means.
          Rumours are that he and the late Kalabhavan Mani had jointly worked towards its acquisition
          but somewhere towards the end, the latter's name had disappeared from the original name of
          'DM Cinemas'!

Let more truths get uncovered during the interim!

      *                                     *                                        *

Mr. George had come by to collect the annual subscriptions for the 'Guruvayur Vaartha' that I subscribe. To rejig your memories, let me quote the extracts of a blog that I'd written about him almost a year back when he'd knocked at our door for the first time for the same purpose and here I go:-

     "All of 78 years, George has been a Councillor in the Guruvayur Municipality, was prosperous 
       owning a fleet of buses, plying in the nearby areas. He married off his two daughters, in quick
       succession, which greatly affected his financial wellness. Today, he and his wife stay in a small
       ramshackle house at Kottappadi and are finding it difficult to make both ends meet. Subsisting
       on the meagre senior citizen's dole, he says that the pensionary benefits of having been a
       Councillor is yet to bear fruition despite assurances from the concerned and the small 
       remuneration that he gets for the maintenance and collection of subscriptions for the fortnightly
       news weekly is hardly able to sustain his and his wife's monthly medicinal requirements. Despite
       that he has no cribs against anyone! His daughters and their families, live nearby but have no
       connection with their parents!!

Lekha had served tea which he was reluctant to have initially, wanting to collect my dues at the doorstep itself and move off. I'd insisted on him entering my house and sitting down while I brought my the money from inside. From the way he'd gulped down the piping hot tea, I realised that he was indeed wanting to have it desperately but his pride had prevented him from saying yes at the beginning.

Reminded me about the meaningful stanza from Poonthaanam's 'Njanappaana',

    "Randu naalu dinam kondoruthane
      Thandiletti nadathunnathum bhavaan.
      Maalika mukaleriya mannante
      Tholil maaraappu kettunnathum bhavaan".
(Roughly translated, it's God who raises a person to dizzying heights from humble beginnings and it's again, Him, who converts a rich man to a pauper within no time!)

I watched him walk, with halting steps, out of the gate and beyond. Will I see him again, next year, on the same beat I wondered? How I wish I did!


The antibiotics have done the job and my cough has subsided to a great extent....but the side effects are already in place... my tongue has developed a painful ulcer on its forward edge!

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