Sunday, July 9, 2017

A day of calls.

I was up early as is the trend these days, recited my prayers and had turned of to sleep yet again. It was a leisurely grooming and at about 11, we'd set off for our calls for the day. The first was to Lekha's uncle, Ramachandran chittappan's house at Vattiyoorkaavu.

His wife, Jayalakshmi kunjamma, was very ill last month and had spent about 11 days in the ICU of a hospital because of fever and the resultant lowering of Sodium level within her system. She looked much better and in fact, came to see us off at the door. We headed straight to Lekha's aunt, Ammini Appachi, who resides in PTP Nagar from there.

Her husband has been confined to the house, shunning travel due to the infirmities of age - he's in the late 80s. Weren't they thrilled to see us? She'd rustled up a scrumptious lunch for us and made a quick sweet meat which she insisted that we ate, the heavy lunch notwithstanding! It was nice talking to the old man and he asked many questions pertaining to my activities in the Foundation. The next stop was at my aunt, Vichaani kunjamma's place.

As I entered the house she gave me a broad smile and my day was made! She was simply elated and kept holding my hand and wouldn't let it go. The Alzheimer's has taken its toll and she has been erratic in her toilet behaviour because of the ailment. Her daughter has a tough time on that score and she has, now, got a new nurse, who looked eager to look after the old lady. Had tasty 'chakka appam' made by my cousin. After spending about an hour out there, we'd headed for the last house that we'd marked for the day - Indira kunjamma's house, to look up Suresh who'd recently returned from the hospital after a schedule of chemo.

He was in discomfort with pain and seeing him miserable, one felt bad that he has to go through this medical condition that doesn't seem to subside. This time he didn't make any conversation and gave us a vacant look! By the time we returned to Vijayakumar's house, it was past 5. The calls did exhaust me on a mental plane and so was it a difficult experience for Lekha.


The evening get together at Mohanachandran's place at Kazhakkottam was a nice and short one. Mohan and Manju are preparing for their younger son's wedding next month.


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