Saturday, July 22, 2017

India will win. And other stories....

1. The Women's Cricket Final.

Mithali Raj and her team seem to be fired up about their tryst with the hosts, this Sunday, when the Women's Cricket's One Day International finals would be played at the much haloed Lord's, in England. The team's advance to the finals has been steady with each member coming up with her best when the situation had demanded, an essential trait of a winning combination. Harmanpreet Kaur's swashbuckling 171 against Australia, during the semi finals, was one such feat of the many memorable occasions of this interesting tournament...........Reminded me of the movie, 'Chak de India'.

Here's wishing that Mithali Raj and her gritty girls will lift the trophy on Sunday. All the best, girls!

2. A Sex Hungry MLA. 

M Vincent, the Congress MLA from Kovalam, has been remanded to 14 days' judicial custody for
alleged rape and intimidation of a 51 year old woman, his neighbour. Though evidence seemed to be stacked against him, he claims that it's a political conspiracy, hatched by the CPM, to destroy his clean(?) image.

Time will tell, Mr. MLA. Hats off to the courage of the victim to stand by her charge and only hope that she's able to fight off the tremendous pressure that will be brought to bear upon her, to withdraw the case in the coming days.

3. Detention in Classes to be Back.

Am glad to hear Prakash Javadekar's - the union HRD Minister - announcement that detention will be reintroduced in classes V and VIII. The existing 'all pass' scenario will only bring up a generation which will not be aware of 'failure' and the consequent rebound - an essential ingredient to formulate strong minds and a healthy outlook to take in the the victories and the failures of life in one's stride.

Wonder whose hare brained scheme was the 'all pass system'?


Tomorrow is the 'Karkkidaka Vaavu' when people pay homage to the departed. It happens to be the first 'new moon' day of the 'Dakshinaayanam' - the movement of the sun towards the southern hemisphere. It would be very crowded in all the places and for Lekha, it would be a tough proposition. So, we shall give our offerings at our courtyard, early in the morning. I'm sure our relations who've passed into the mist of time will understand!

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