Saturday, July 8, 2017

The 48th Old Boys' Day.

Had got up at a 10' past 4, recited my prayers and turned off to sleep all over again to get up around a half past 6. The Vijayakumars had gone on to sleep for another hour or so and meanwhile, we'd got ready. After a quick breakfast, we'd headed for the school only to miss Josekutty Thomas' award acceptance ceremony. Met a whole lot of our seniors, contemporaries and juniors during the occasion of the Old Boys' day.

Lieutenant General Cherish Mathson was the chief guest. I remembered him as a cadet, studying in class VII, in my dormitory where I was his House Captain. A sensitive kid who used to get bullied by his class fellas and be in perpetual tears and I'd to pacify him many a time! Wished him and his good lady a great time and satisfying professional experience. His speech had a nostalgic touch of the past, pertaining to the stay at school.

The five great takeaways from this year's old boys' day were:-

     (a) The pathetic sight of Col Balasubramaniam - from the first batch of our school - immobile on a            chair in the Abdul Kalam auditorium.
     (b) Meeting up with my old friend, Commander Nandakumar Parrat, after what seemed to be a
           long, long time. He'd come as Louis' guest.
     (c) My interactions with our old masters Madhavan Nair sir and Vishwanathan sir. They're
           thrilled, as usual.
     (d) Meeting up with my first House Captain, Lt Gen GM Nair, after passing out from school.
     (e) The plan to make OBA rich. Didn't want to put a spoke into the idea because there might be
           merit in the suggestion. Perhaps, an appropriate reaction in the next old boys' day would be
           in order.
Met Praveen and Asha, again, after quite a while. He has been transferred back to Kochi and should be in his new appointment by the month end. KS Venugopal(413), B Mohanachandran(428), Jojy Kunchattil(430), K Vipinachandran(432), self(519), Josekutty Thomas(525), BR Vijayakumar(526) and Louis George(642) were in attendance. The business meeting was followed by lunch and we'd set off back to Vijayakumar's house soon after, dropping Josekutty Thomas at his hotel.

The evening get together at the Vijayakumars' was a nostalgic reunion of our classmates. Except for VJ Binu and KS Venugopal, everyone was there which had lots of Kodak moments!


Another Old Boys' day has come and gone with renewal of contacts and many moments to cherish. It was great to have made it for the event. 

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