Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Why is China on such a posture now?

Why has the longest and continuing stand off come to being in the first place? Let me hazard a guess. The changing factors that need to be remembered are:-

   (a) Earlier, our responses to China's border incursions were mild.
   (b) We've now made our presence on the LAC more proactive by systematically building up
         the infrastructure and the logistics, for our troops, at the border.
   (c) There's media coverage of the happenings on the border and hence, the public is aware, a
         factor that the Chinese are weary because its offensive postures are now in public domain.
         On our side, the public sentiments are in support of our armed forces and their actions.
   (d) The Indian economy is looking up and the growth rate is faster than that of China's, in fact,
         there has been a downward trend there.
   (e) PM Narendra Modi's leadership has been inspiring to his people and there's hope and
         eagerness in the systemic changes that he's bringing about.
   (f) His acceptability among the world leaders and the enhanced relationships with each of the
        countries, that he has visited thus far have been impressive, making our foreign policy, both
        dynamic and pragmatic.

So, would it be wrong to say that the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping is plain jealous of India, taking great strides, under PM Narendra Modi? Does China consider a strong, vibrant and economically stable India as its enemy? Its utterances and postures seem to say so.

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The Power of Words.

It's confirmed that a Hindu teenage boy's Facebook post about a Muslim shrine had sparked off the clashes between the two communities in Baduria at Basirhat sub division of the 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. The young man has, since, been arrested but the local Muslim hardliners want the boy to be handed over to them so that they could try the boy under the Sharia, for blasphemy.

It shows their utter disregard for the laws of the land and is unacceptable. It's said that the demography of the area had changed considerably, over the years, thanks to the infiltration of Muslim hardliners from Bangladesh, across the border between the two countries.

Here's wishing that the additional troop reinforcements will bring the situation under control, swiftly and without any loss of life!

But what needs to be noted is the power of words. People using the social medium through their blogs and posts on the Facebook need to understand the tremendous responsibility vested upon their shoulders and must, therefore, choose words carefully and through a matured outlook, while showing off their literary abilities.

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What a waste?

As the pantomime on the abduction and ill treatment of a Malayalam film actress plays out to its logical conclusion, skeletons are tumbling out from the closet by a dime a dozen, each day. What must be painful for the protagonists is the crumbling of their carefully crafted images over the years and I'm sure that they realise that it can never be the same among the public which goes by the simple logic, "There can't be smoke without a fire".

Perhaps, there were too many contradictions in this case viz.:-

      (a) The CM saying that there was no conspiracy with regard to the case, while his police had
            just begun the investigation!
      (b) The cine artistes' organisation AMMA not voicing its angst over the goings on during its
      (c) The latest information that a few of the film personalities involved are looking for seeking
            anticipatory bail.

Ex-DGP TP Senkumar's parting shot that the investigating team was not keeping its head and the DGP informed about the investigations also gave the necessary course correction.

What saddens me on a very personal note is that the tallest personalities in the Malayalam film field viz. Mammootty and Mohanlal - whom I believed to be above board and true to the numerous characters that they've played on the screen and impressed us, over the years - chose to remain mum till date! Sad!!


Am increasingly getting worried about the health of my cousins, Sindhu and Reshmi, who've been looking after their wards, Vichani kunjamma and Suresh, respectively, with scant regard to their own health. I suppose that's the covenant that they've with the protagonists and therefore, are able to carry out their duty with elan.

God, do please look after them and give them the strength to carry out their duties to retrieve their wards from the difficult situations they're currently in!

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