Sunday, July 2, 2017

A calculation gone awry.

Lekha and I’d got up about a half an hour earlier than the usual time to go through the morning chores. We’re, therefore, well in time when Rajan had come with his auto rickshaw and were at the road transport bus stand half an hour before the scheduled time of the low floor bus. But instead of leaving at a quarter to 9, it left at a 5’ past 9.

All the three houses are gonna be locked for the next couple of days by a strange coincidence. Warriath chechi was away at Aluva  with her daughter and the Radhakrishnans were off to Thiruvananthapuram, early this morning. Thankfully, the rain was holding when we got into/disembarked from the auto rickshaw!

The journey was smooth and we reached the Nedumbasserry airport by a half past 11. The airport looked like a huge, big market as the place was packed with passengers – probably because of the bunching of flights due to inclement weather. Jojy, my classmate was already there, checked in and at the outer lounge. We’d a vegetable biriyani for lunch and Jojy was sporting enough to have a portion of Lekha’s share, which would have gone waste otherwise.

On reaching Bangalore, Jojy had called up the Uber services for a taxi to take us to our hotel. Understood the fleecing that’s going on us, poor customers – while the airport taxi services asked for a whopping Rs.1,700/-, the Uber charged us a mere Rs.700/- for the trip to the La Marvella, at Jayanagar.

We’re at the hotel at around 5, quickly went through a wash and change to be ready for the evening’s function at the Balan’s Farms which was a half an hour’s drive by the bus that was waiting for us since 4! There were seven of us classmates and it was great bonding after a long while.

It was then that I realised that our attending the wedding tomorrow was simply out of the question. Our return flight was at 3 and people were vehement that we’d to leave for the airport at least by 12, which incidentally, was the ‘muhurtham’ of the marriage! A plan that had gone awry because of my wrong calculations without understanding the bad Bangalore traffic!!

We wound up from the function by 11 and were back in our rooms soon after. A day that was well spent.


1. Bad show, Rajeev.

2. Indira kunjamma’s input about Suresh’s medical condition saddened us. Why does he           have to go through hell, god?

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