Monday, July 24, 2017

A couple of my innumerable beliefs and queries.

Arnab Goswamy's Republic channel has come up with the latest revelations about the Bofors pay offs. The Congress party has already countered it with a lot of laughable comments. I represent the common man and from his point of view, the following points are relevant and need to be understood by all concerned:-

  (a) There is no doubt that the pay offs to certain Indians, in the higher echelons of power during
        those days, have been given.
  (b) The 'honeymoon' between the Indians and the comparatively, young, handsome and smart(?)
        Rajiv Gandhi, their Prime Minister, was on so much so that the common man could not perceive
        that he could do anything wrong like the older politicians who'd been in power before him.
  (c) The common man seriously began to have doubts when the investigations went on and on
        without results. The investigating agency making stupid mistakes like not wording the Letter
        Rogatory correctly - I'm just citing one example out of the many to be dumped into the dustbin
        by the Swedish government of those days.
  (d) My only doubt is as to why things didn't speed up during Vajpayee's time as PM. Did he lose
        interest because he needed the Congress' covert support to run the government as his party's
        strength in Parliament was inadequate?
  (e) And perhaps, a look into the details as to why the then Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme got
       assassinated and by whom, will give a fair idea about the Bofors deal, in toto.

So, let's not kid ourselves and get down to the brass tacks regarding the Bofors controversy!

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The surging popularity of Baba Ramdev-promoted Patanjali products has taken the FMCG sector by storm. There are increasing numbers of customers who are opting for the company's 'natural' and 'pure' products.

Perceptions matter a lot in the share market and numbers dictate ratings. Consider these:-

    (a) The leading global financial service company, Credit Suisse - the Zurich based brokerage -
          has downgraded the decade old Colgate Palmolive brand to 'neutral'.
    (b) Consequently, it led to a fall of 2% in the shares of the company.
    (c) According to Credit Suisse, Patanjali's share will cross double digits in the tooth paste category
          over the next few years.

My queries are:-

    (a) How come this company - unknown before the last few years - has suddenly stomped the
          market with a wide range of products?
    (b) Was it not allowed to develop because of its mentor's political ideology or because of the
          pressures from the other FMCG companies?

Having gained a large slice of customers in the FMCG and ayurveda products sectors, the latest field that the 'Patanjali' company is going to try its luck is in the 'security' business. Well! It's my fond hope that the company doesn't ever compromise on quality


The rains seem to have reduced but the after effects continue - fever and related illnesses, water logging and frequent uprooting of trees claiming precious lives!


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