Friday, July 14, 2017

Some more rambling thoughts.

I'm following the news concerning film actor Dileep these days, very closely. A fair sketch of his overall personality is now discernible. Two queries come into my mind viz.:-

    (a) How did this guy reach this position when he was known to interfere in all aspects of film
    (b) Why didn't the so called leadership of the film organisations like 'Amma', 'Macta' etc rally
          around and warn him adequately and condemn his actions, quoting specifics?

His brother has gone on record to say, "There's a conspiracy by a group to finish off Dileep's career.
Anyway, he hasn't confessed to the crimes during the police investigation, thus far. We'll come out victorious in court and prove that he's innocent".

Does he think that his brother can retain his past glory after such a lot of muck has come out about him? Or is he confident that his brother will win in court, the incriminating evidence, notwithstanding?

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Biju, my civilian bearer on board the landing craft LCU 36 and whom I'd sponsored into the Navy's domestic branch called up to give the heartening news about his daughter having been cleared for admission in a dental college in Madras.

What gladdens me is that it was my mom who'd initiated the young lady into the three 'R's viz. reading, (w)riting and (a)rithmetic during a 'Vidya aarambham' ceremony. She would have been proud of the her academic progress!

His name has been shortlisted for the next promotion, he informs. May lady Luck be with you, Biju.

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After three days of antibiotics, my cough is yet to subside. Lekha and her assistant, gave me a combination of ground pepper and sugar crystals. Things had begun to ease by evening! It, really, has been a tough one week. Meanwhile, my self imposed quarantine to keep Lekha out of the cough and cold syndrome, continues.


1. A restful day when I didn't move out of the house at all.
2. Nandu Suresh, a lad whom I'd come across during my 'yatra' in Thiruvananthapuram, two months back and whom I'd encouraged to join the Indian Navy, called up to say that he had cleared the recruitment process for the Musicians' branch and thanked me profusely. He plays the violin beautifully.

He wouldn't believe that he'd passed on his own accord and that I'd nothing to do with it!

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