Sunday, July 23, 2017

When nothing went my way.

We'd got up on the dot at 6, went through our chores and as decided, we'd placed the offering of rice for the departed at the courtyard. Wonder why, neither the crows nor the birds touched the offering. And no, there's no excuse that the birds were scarce. In fact, there were plenty of them that flew past without touching even a morsel!

To avoid the cats or dogs - though hardly, any in the vicinity except for a cat family consisting of the dad, mom and their three kittens - I'd subsequently, kept the offering on one of our gate posts.

Why did it happen? Were the departed unhappy? I guess I'll never forget this episode that has plenty of questions for which answers ain't seem to be available.

       *                        *                         *

The Women's Cricket finals was another event that did not end up the way I'd predicted. What I felt bad was not that my prediction had gone awry - that, incidentally, was the least of my worries - but that the Indian Women's Cricket team is yet to lift this trophy unlike the others and this was the second time that the team had a disastrous end at the final!

Everything seemed to be going smoothly at first. It was a modest total to chase, the body language of the British cricketers, at the initial stages of the Indian innings seemed to show that things were slipping out of their grasp but the horrible run outs and when each one of the Indian girls returned from the crease - the entire team was sitting out, including the coach - there were no attempts to put them at ease, instead each had joined the rest having that look of having lost everything much, much before the actual end!

This is no way for a world beating team to behave. While the player, returning after getting out, needs to be pepped up and put at ease, it's equally essential to give a pep up to the one going in, to continue with the proceedings. This was sadly missing or did I miss out on something?

To miss the cup by just nine runs is heart rending......Well played girls, I'm sure there will be another time and congratulations, England!


Got caught in the rain towards the final stages of my evening walk. Consequently, had taken an auto rickshaw to cover the last lap. There was too much of wait at the shop where I'd stopped to buy bananas. 

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