Monday, July 17, 2017

The Ramayana 'Maasam'.

Today's the 1st of the Malayalam month of Karkkidakom - also called the 'Ramayana maasam' - because in many households, the epic will be read by the lady of the house from the start to the finish over the next thirty one days. Lekha has begun the recital, beginning from last evening, as is the custom, she says! She recites it, both in the morning and in the evening.

Last year, this time, mom used to read a few lines again, both in the morning and in the evening as a symbolic gesture. She used to read it during her heydays and as kids, I and my sisters have listened to her recitals. Towards her final years, she found reading the small print a bit tiring to her eyes and hence, restricted to reading only a few lines!

On Wednesday, the day's recital at the family temple in my dad's place is being sponsored by our family and Rs.3 grand has been assured to the temple priest, who'd spoken to me along with our caretaker, this evening.

       *                                     *                                        *

The cough and cold don't seem to be getting off me and the improvement in health is taking its own time. Of course, I ain't on medicines now. The antibiotic cycle and its after effects are wearing off but my effort is to keep Lekha away from contact and yes, the self imposed quarantine is still in force. I haven't stepped out of the house for the last four days and thankfully, there have been no visitors asking for advice/support!

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The closing ceremony of the month long celebration of the 'Vaayana dinam' is gonna take place at New Delhi, tomorrow evening and political leaders, cutting across party affiliations are attending the function. Arun Jaitley is the chief guest with the minister Mahesh Sharma, PJ Kurien, Shashi Tharoor, Sitaram Yechury and the likes slated to attend.

PN Panicker and his catchy slogan, "Vaayichu Valaruka, Chinthichu Vivekam Neduka" (Read and Grow, Think and be Enlightened) are now gonna be a fixture to be reckoned with, all across the country. It took some time to come about but it has come, for sure, at last!......Wish I wasn't laden up with fever.

The rounding off, within the state, wasn't feasible against the backdrop of the stand taken by the chief minister during our last visit!


It has been pouring over the last few days and same is the case in most parts of the state. The Meteorological department is gonna report that it has been a very successful monsoon, this year. What, however, worries me is the report that most of the catchment areas/dam sites haven't received the requisite rainfall and the water levels are yet to attain normalcy! Consequently, the power situation is gonna get affected!


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