Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The news views.

It has been brimming with news over the last 48 hours. The sensational involvement of the actor, Dileep, in the sexual assault of an actress has ended up in his arrest and lock up in jail. The Amarnath pilgrims have been attacked by militants in Kashmir killing 7 and injuring 19. The general confusion in the aftermath of the introduction of the GST prevails with the traders making a fast buck on the occasion. And so goes the news listings.

 1. Dileep in Jail.

     The Malayalam film actor, Dileep, finally found himself behind bars at the Aluva sub jail as a
     result of the 81 day investigation that received publicity from all quarters. It was the long and
     systematic investigation by the police team that facilitated the result. Really wonder as to why
     he'd resorted to such devious actions when he'd everything going good for him. He could marry
     the girl whom he loved, his position as a lead actor had become unassailable thanks to the hit
     making movies that he'd acted in and he'd amassed assets with his wealth.

     Then, why did he stoop so low? Well, success converts people in many ways. Dileep is the
     quintessential example as to how a person becomes a monster in the process and begins to think
     that he can do nothing wrong. To seek a three minute video clip of the actress undergoing the
     ignominy only shows his perverted mind.

     It's the fond hope of every Malayalee that justice is swift and the actor is made to pay for his sins

     The subsequent thought that comes to mind is as to whether the Malayalam film industry is so
     rotten? If yes, the corrective surgery needs to be initiated without delay so that the rot is removed.

 2. Attack on the Amarnath Pilgrims.

     The bus had left Srinagar at a half past 4 in the evening and its tyre had got punctured soon after.
     Consequently, it missed the convoy that it was part of which was guarded by the security forces.
     The terrorists, lying in wait, hit the soft target causing seven deaths and injuring 19. Investigations
     are under way.

     The real hero of the incident was the bus driver, Sheik Salim Gafoor who continued to drive the
     vehicle despite heavy gunfire and a tyre burst. He'd driven on for another kilometer. My salute to

 3. The GST Confusion.

      From my conversations with a cross section of the people, I've got the following inputs:-

          * The big guns - the branded names and the high turnover manufacturers - are taking
             advantage of the GST and which, if implemented correctly, will benefit the entire country
             and the common man in particular.
          * The shopkeepers do not want the checking by the GST monitors who are to ensure the
             efficacy of the system. Hence they've kept their shops closed today.
          * The petrol pumps have stopped unloading new stock. And no, it's not because of the GST
             because the government has smartly moved it out of its purview or else, we would have got
             fuel @ Rs. 30/- in accordance with the prevalent global rates! They want the government's
             instructions of the fuel values to be updated on a daily basis to be quashed.
          * Chicken @ Rs.87/- is impossible say the farmers. The government has permitted the big
             timers to sell it at Rs.158/- being the sum total of (chicken@87 + killing the bird and
             cleaning it + disposing off the waste! So, now it's clearly discernible as to how the   middle
             men exploit the farmers and make money!

       What the government must ensure is that the small scale farmers' are protected from exploitation.


The day had begun at 4, with pouring rain. We're finally on the road by a 20' past 6 and the traffic was comparatively sparse because of multiple close downs - the petrol pumps, shops etc on account of the GST. Breakfast of Appams and egg fry, was at the Kalpakavadi Inn where Reji had looked after us. There were rains all through the route and it was only at Alappuzha that it had subsided but the traffic had halts frequently, thanks to the erratic drivers.

I'd taken the Aluva route with suitable stops so that the travel was smooth and not a drag. We're back at 'The Quarterdeck' for a nice lunch prepared by Preetha.   

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