Thursday, July 6, 2017

Readying for the long haul.

The day had begun on a rainy note. I'd to make a trip to top up the Chevy and check tyre pressure and there were a few things that needed to be bought. I decided to take off by about 10, firstly, to avoid the crowd of vehicles at Rani Menon's clinic by lunch time and secondly, to finish my errand before the next downpour that was already threatening to fall.

The intended purpose of the errand was completed except that the tyre pressure could not be checked because the compressor was out of action at the bunk. Maybe, I'll have it checked enroute tomorrow.

Yedukumar, my classmate, had accompanied his son, daughter-in-law and her parents for invoking the blessings of Guruvayoorappan, post wedding. He couldn't drop by, as promised, because of the tight schedule! Consequently, a visit by another classmate, Anil and Radha did not take place. We wouldn't be meeting them this time as they return to Nakon Phanom in Thailand on the 10th.

Ramakrishnan did give me a detailed account of the 'sanchayanam' ceremony of his mother at the Ivar Madhom and subsequent activities at Chelamattam, near Perumbavoor.

I'd a conversation with Ikka about our trip to Thiruvananthapuram and Thalavoor and he seemed to be fascinated about the action packed itinerary. The old boys' day in school, looking up Suresh and Lekha's kunjamma along with the tribute to my mom and dad in two schools on the 10th, at my dad's place, were the reasons that had necessitated  this long trip despite the scare of viral fever on the rampage everywhere!

He did cite a happy tiding about his grand niece's wedding at Koratty earlier in the day but punctuated the conversation with two grave concerns:-

        (a) His grand daughter had delivered in the 71/2th month and the under developed child was
             in an incubator, in a hospital at Kodungalloor.
        (b) His sister-in-law, all of 50 years, was in a ventilator at the Baby Hospital in Kozhikode
              because her fever had developed into Pneumonia.

I promised him that I, too, shall pray for their well being. Such is life and we, go around, thinking that we've everything under control!


Tomorrow's gonna be a long haul as we hope to kick off by 6 in the morning. Hope the elements will be in our favour!  

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