Sunday, July 30, 2017

Suresh's last 48 hours.

Mankind believes that an individual comes to know of his/her impending end. The love to retain one's life and clutch on to the present are overarching desires that have been fabled...a recap of Suresh's last 48 hours seems to accentuate this. The events that I'm gonna narrate are verbatim from what I've heard from Resmi and Kripa-shankar and so without much ado, here I go:-

   * On Wednesday, Suresh had gone around the entire house lying down on every bed - albeit, for a
      fraction of a minute - started up his electric walker in his modified mini gym on the first floor
      and ended up sitting next to the inverter, that he'd switched on/off during power interruptions, so
      many times earlier.

   * Resmi and Kripa-shankar had a tough time retrieving him from the spot and getting him back to
      his favourite sofa.

   * Again, sometime later that day, he was seen charging towards the main entrance saying that his
      mom had come but turned deafeningly silent when Resmi had inquired of him about it,

   * He was very keen to go for the next chemo and was slated to go to the hospital the next day. The
      chemo was a maintenance dose to bring down the severe pain that wasn't being subdued despite a
      rather high dose of Morphine.

   * The next day, when the time came to go for the chemo, he was found to be lying down on his
      part of the bed and refused to budge. He'd to be literally coaxed into going for it. That the doctor
      refused to put him through another chemo was another fact altogether!

   * He kept glancing at every part of the house before he got into the car, making one feel that he
      then realised that he would never return to the same house, in person, ever! It was his final
      adieu to the house that he'd carefully built with his hard earned money!!

   * The next morning he seemed to be eager to wave his son off to school. Probably, he didn't want
      the little one to see the unpleasantness that was yet to play out.

   * At the palliative care, about half an hour prior to his eternal journey, he'd coughed and blood
      started trickling through the nostrils and the mouth. Resmi had run to the nearby nurse station to
      fetch some cotton and beckon the nurse and returned to see the dumbfounding sight of blood
      gushing out of the burst right side soft swelling of the neck, mouth and even the surgical wound
      below the chin.

   * She saw Suresh watching the blood gushing into his hands that he'd cupped below his
      chin and the sight must have panicked him. From that position he kept falling back gently...his
      carotid artery had snapped - this was something that the doctors had dreaded because of his
      rapidly spreading ailment - and he suffered a massive cardiac arrest..... He'd begun his journey to


Resmi says that his face and the upper torso had become white as the blood gushed out which could not be stopped with bundle and bundle of cotton.

Suresh, all of 51 years and a chief engineer in the merchant marine had become memory at 1730 hrs on Friday, the 28th of July '17.


I'd returned by the Thiruvananthapuram - Guruvayur Intercity Express that left at 1730 hrs. It was an uneventful journey and I'd company in Kannan, Madhavan and Ramu till Ernakulam.


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