Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A non-technical techie.

This afternoon, the service rep of the washing machine had come knocking on our door consequent to the lodging of the complaint, a couple of days back . Yesterday, the service agency of the brand had called me up to say that the mere visit of its service rep would entail payment of Rs.500/- + GST. My idea was to have the malfunction of the 'spin' stage sorted out once and for all and readily agreed to the payment.

The rep, Nyjo, easily zeroed in on to the problem which was a combination of the following:-

     (a) A bit of the textile strands, of washed clothes, bunched up at the outlet pipe's free end.
     (b) I'd put that end into a carefully laid pvc pipe to carry the wash water out of the terrace to
           the ground below to give it a neat appearance. However, by doing so, the outlet pipe had an
           upward curl that prevented a smooth discharge and therefore, was to be avoided!

He, further, stated that our machine was in great shape even after six years of use and gave us a bill of Rs.590/- as the service charges. Looking back at it, the error could have been fixed by me had I taken a thorough look at the machine and applied common sense........lack of patience and no it's not a lament over the money spent or an after thought!

To use an Academy terminology, I've become a 'non-technical techie'!

         *                                 *                                     *

Will have to dump in half a truckload of mud in our backyard as the ground there, has shown signs of sinking. Wonder why? It never was so till our kitchen garden had taken shape. Perhaps, with the roots of the various trees and plants criss-crossing the area, more mud has become necessary and mandatory. Pushpaakaran, the farmhand will be back after next week and then, once the rains subside, the plan will be executed.

         *                                  *                                     *

Ramakrishnan had given me a rundown about the fifteenth and sixteenth day ceremonies after his Amma's passing away that took place on the 15th and the 16th. All of them had gone to Chelamattam, near Perumbavoor, for the purpose. Lali, after being Amma's nurse for nine long years, will leave for her home and take up another assignment after staying with her mother for a week. His sister, Rajamma chechi, will continue to be with them.....she has no plans of moving with either her daughter, at Coimbatore or with her son, at Madras!

He has agreed to come to Guruvayur to spend a weekend with us, a proposal that he used to put away all this while, saying that he could not be away from Amma even for a moment


Guess I've been chatty over trivia.


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