Friday, July 7, 2017

Guruvayur to Thiruvananthapuram.

Our day had begun at 4 while it pitter pattered outside. We're off by a 20' past 6 and thankfully, it didn't rain while we're getting into the car and also while passing through the two gates. Our first break was at the Saravana Bhavan for breakfast. Subramaniam, at the gate, had a warm smile and welcomed and saw us off with great humility and courtesy. The drive was smooth as the traffic was okay and we passed through Ernakulam by a quarter to 9.

Passing through Alappuzha, Kayamkulam and Kollam was okay though the traffic within the town of Kollam was bad, as usual. It was lunchtime and looking for a good place - meaning a decent one where the food was good, with adequate and easily accessible parking space - we entered an Aryas, towards the southern end of the town but were horrified by the standard of its toilets. As I cleared the bill, I told the proprietor - another Subramaniam - that if he didn't worry about the cleanliness of the toilets, he'd have to shut shop fairly soon as people looked for these basic amenities.

Taking me to be an official looking into such aspects, he told me that he'd acquired the eatery about 11/2 months back and the work was being undertaken shortly. Suffice to understand, though the lunch was good, the standard of the rest rooms did dampen our overall satisfaction! We, Indians, still need to go a long way on this department.

We'd reached Thiruvananthapurum city by a quarter to 3 and headed straight to Indira kunjamma's house as Suresh was expected back from the hospital. But the wait for the 'discharge summary' delayed them and hence, we went to my classmate, Vijayakumar's house - which was a stone's throw away from my aunt's - where we're to spend the next two days. It was great meeting him and Anitha and soon, the conversation just flowed.

We're at the Army Officers' Institute for the get together of our classmates and the evening was simply great with a sing song session and great interaction. The batches for whom I was the Prefect and the House Captain, while at school, were also having their get togethers and it was a matter of pride when they came, pumped my hands and displayed their warmth!


With PM Modi and the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping exchanging warmth at the BRICS summit, we can expect a thaw on the Sino-Indian border and the easing of the longish stand off. What was the theatrics on the border all these days, for, I wonder?   

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