Thursday, July 27, 2017

To Kochi and back.

We, finally, drove off from 'The Quarterdeck' by a quarter to 8. As we reached the outer gate of the common drive, a labourer who was coming in for work - our neighbour is getting a tank in his property rejuvenated and has been having a workforce over the last many weeks - opened up the gate for our vehicle to pass through. He, actually, didn't have to do it but it was his decency that was on display. Both Lekha and I thanked Gunasekharan - I'd asked him his name - for his assistance and he offered his 'namasthe' in return.

The day had begun, as usual, at 6 and we'd gone through our chores with the idea of leaving by about a half past 7 as Lekha's appointment with her dentist, at Kochi, was at a half past 11. Passing through Thrissur town was tricky because the traffic had picked up and a few roads, enroute, were badly potholed. We reached our favourite joint at the Paliyekkara toll an hour later and went through a quick breakfast. Our idea was to make a quick exit but there were hurdles:-

       * the buffet had quite a few of its dishes empty that awaited refill.
       * though two to three bearers were on the beat between the tables and the kitchen, nothing
          seemed to move and the compliance factor was far from satisfactory. This was, further,
          accentuated by the exasperated reactions of our fellow customers.
       * Lekha's call to the guy sitting at the billing table elicited no response.

We'd a quick breakfast out of the available dishes on the buffet table and I'd gone across to the counter to pay the bill and inquired of the young man as to whether there was a loss of life in the vicinity because of the general waywardness in reactions, which made him to stand up and listen to me. When he complained about a shortage of staff, I'd to tell him that he should have joined the others and ensured that the customers were looked after. I was in no mood to let him go off simply because of his arrogance and gave him a parting shot, "If you feel that things aren't under control, you must tell the customers that they'd better find another eatery at the time they enter but prior to taking their seats".

As we got out I couldn't help but feel bad for the proprietor who hadn't any idea regarding the damage that is being afflicted to his business by an insensitive and couldn't-care-less staff that he has hired!

We reached the dental center and was there for about an hour and a half. Interacting with Sreekant Mallan has always been a pleasure and today was no different. Following that, Lekha had a few sundry purchases and we wolfed down a couple of vegetable sandwiches bought from Hotbreads. They're lovely and appropriate enough to delay our hunger because we'd decided to have lunch at Angamaly, far from the mad traffic and lack of parking space in the innards of Kochi.

The return drive was good and we reached 'The Quarterdeck' by a quarter past 3.


Was reluctant to go for my customary walk in the evening and must concede that it was Lekha's prod that did the trick and felt glad, at the end of it, that I'd done it!


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