Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My queries.

These are events that have taken place in recent days. Do they have a pattern, a design, that has ramifications for the country?

   1. At the beginning of July, China picks up a fight with India at the Doklam region.
   2. The Chinese ambassador to India meets the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
   3. Rahul Gandhi meets Chinese ambassador secretly. At first, the Congress denies such a meeting
       but when the media brings out the details, the Congress accepts that the meeting was held. The
       shocking part was that Robert Vadra, a person who holds no official position in the party and is
       a private citizen, was also present at the meeting.
       Within a few days after the meeting, there were articles in the Chinese press saying that the 
       Sino-Indian border issues have been complicated by the Modi government's pro-Hindutva stand!
   4. The protocol is that when you've a meeting like this, it's mandatory to keep the central
       government in the loop regarding the discussions!
   5. Meanwhile, the Pakistan High Commissioner meets the Bhutanese and the Chinese ambassadors
       over Doklam - a matter that shouldn't be in his brief.
And a few internal shenanigans, in the meanwhile, that need serious pondering over:-

   1. The Karnataka state government writes to the central government for permission to introduce
       visas to enter that state.
   2. The Karnataka state government asks central government's clearance to have its own state flag.
       Note that the state is ruled by the Congress party!
   3. The biggest conman of them all, Farooq Abdullah, stuns the nation by saying that third parties
       like China should mediate on the Kashmir issue.

The cynic in me, feels that these are not isolated incidents but have some connection with each other. Are the anti-national forces at work or are the fifth columnists working overtime?

My take.

The opposition parties have the following problems bothering them:-

     * The PM has been able to have both his candidates as the President and the Vice President.
     * The 'mahagathbandhan' stitched by the entire lot of opposition parties during the run up to
        the Bihar Assembly elections is straining at its seams thanks to the corrupt ways of Lalu                       Prasad Yadav's son and deputy chief minister, Tejaswi Yadav who has been asked to put
        in his papers by chief minister, Nitish Kumar.
     * The stunning revelations about the Bofors bribes is taking its toll of the Congress party.

And I'm yet to decipher the CPI(M)'s and the JNU's vehement opposition to the installation of an army tank in the latter's premises as a showpiece. I'm sure there would be many institutions that would be proud to have such a memento in its premises. 

The fortnight long monsoon session of the Parliament is headed for another no-show with no business being transacted thanks to the daily ruckus.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government need to exercise caution and thwart the disruptive forces from achieving their nefarious designs!


1. Meanwhile, the custody interrogation of the actor, Dileep continues. His accomplice, Sunil Kumar,     claims that there are bigger fish to fall in the net and it will happen in due course.
2. Vincent, the Kovalam MLA, who's in custody for forcing himself upon a lady, has been stripped          off all his party posts but his party and the UDF are against his relinquishing the post of MLA.
     A paradox, for sure!

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