Thursday, July 13, 2017

A thoroughly wet day

Monsoon has picked up once again, it rained continuously today. Such a situation is not welcome, at least, as far as I'm concerned. And to make matters worse, the cough and cold were unbearable - the cough, especially, was on an apogee! Lekha had wanted to go to the temple and also buy grocery but had put the activities off because of the weather.

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The Dileep case is churning up some very murky stories concerning the Malayalam film industry. There are actors who need drugs and other stimulants to help them emote. The drug barons and the underworld, consequently, rule the roost while the musclemen and the goondas have become essential fixtures of a filmy guy's entourage!

The requirement of drugs to enhance an individual's acting prowess should not be encouraged because it simply means that the person lacks talent and therefore, be dumped without a second thought. I'd feel damn sorry if such an actor goes on to win accolades for his performances!

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The nurses agitation for increased pay and perks has been going on for a while without any let up. Does it show the Indian - nay, Kerala's skewed thinking about the profession? What should shame us is the standing that the profession has or the respect that the profession is given abroad in comparison. Why do we tend to treat them like dirt and why hasn't there been a change in our attitude?

Having said that, I must also recount my cousin's experiences with the nursing staff when her husband had undergone surgery in a reputed hospital, at Kochi, recently. They're indifferent, to say the least, with my cousin having to literally beg of them to do timely change of bandages or administer medicines as detailed in the doctor's instructions. Is it that they expect money to be paid to them, as extra, for their services? Why should the patient do so when he's already shelling out a huge amount for his stay at the hospital?

I've no doubt in my mind that the nursing profession needs a badly needed overhaul.


The customary evening walk was out of question due to the downpour. Have, incidentally, quarantined myself from Lekha lest that she ends up contracting my cough and cold!

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