Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Finally, the way ahead.

Dateline 13 Jun.

The trend continues.....I'd got up at 4, yet again, recited my prayers and turned off to sleep till 6. After the usual morning chores, Maman and I'd first gone to meet Kummanam Rajasekharan at his party office and KV Thomas, MP at the Congress party office in connection with the forthcoming public event. The MP had wholeheartedly agreed to delink his proposed programme to plant a lakh saplings in the presence of the Prime Minister along with our programme.

Citing that both could not be clubbed, his statement of "PN Panicker is an institution and a programme concerning him being conjoined with any other should not be resorted to! I'm withdrawing mine," showed his immense respect for my grandfather.

There were small errands to run and by the time we'd settled at the swanking new Indian Coffee House within the Thycaud Hospital's premises it was almost teatime. It's a quick bite and back to work. While having food, Maman took us 53 years back talking about Santha kunjamma's delivery and Unni's birth which had taken place in the room just across the window!

There was a short visit to the Mathrubhoomi office to hand over the press release regarding the programme on the 17th. We're back home soon after and I'd given our IT man, Shekhar, a few tasks to do while I was gonna be away. I was to go to Kochi, early morning at 4 tomorrow along with another of our organisers and an Innova was arranged for the purpose.


It was a lovely dinner and a comparatively early night as tomorrow was gonna be a long day!     

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