Thursday, June 8, 2017

News from here and there.

Going through some of the happening news!

  (a) The LDF Government's New Policy on Alcohol Consumption.

         After being in the saddle for a year, the government has redrawn the existing excise policy
         formulated by the previous, UDF government. Highlighting it's 'Vimukti' campaign for
         educating people against alcoholism, the government stressed the following points for its

             (i) The new policy will kick into effect from 01 Jul.
            (ii) Increased revenue to the government's coffers.
           (iii) The tourism sector will be benefited.
           (iv) Bar timings changed from 1100 hrs to 2300 hrs.
            (v) Minimum age for drinking raised to 23 yrs.

         It's a sensible decision, according to me, because prohibition cannot be effective and the reasons
         are only well known:-

             (i) Illicit and spurious liquor would take its toll on innocent lives.
            (ii) Already, there has been strong indications of increase in drug abuse, in lieu.

          The campaign against alcoholism must be focused and sustained. There can't be any let up!

    (b) The Justice Dhingra Report.

           The much awaited report of Robert Vadra's land holdings - Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law - is
           out and it throws a great deal of information about his shenanigans of land grabbing in
           Haryana with the connivance of the then, Hooda-led Congress government in that state. I'm
           not gonna delve on the details but what amazes me is that not one newspaper or any other
           news channel has covered it, thus far. Why the blanket ban, I wonder? Playing favourites?

     (c) The 'Two-and-a-half' Front War.

           The Army chief has talked about his men being ready for any eventuality even in the case
           of war on 'two-and-a-half-fronts'. What he means by this statement is about the probability
           of Pakistan and China being active on their respective fronts with the Kashmiri militants as
           the 'half' front. A bit of a bravado there but appreciate his outlook!


I end up with the tragic news from Balochistan. A Chinese couple, abducted by the IS last month, have been killed. They're learning Urdu and were also running a Mandarin language course. RIP and hope that your tragic end doesn't go in vain.

At least now, it's hoped that the Chinese government will vote for the long pending UN resolution branding the Jaish-e-Mohammed chief as a terrorist!

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