Monday, November 26, 2018

A day, full of action!

Had got up half an hour earlier than usual and we went about our chores. This was because the Rajah Medical team wanted to come and draw my blood samples before 7 AM and I'd given them the go ahead. They had come on the dot; Sister Shafina effortlessly drew the blood samples and I didn't even know as to when the needle had got in!

Meanwhile, Rema had dropped in by 10, had a quick bite of breakfast and had gone along with Lekha and George for their bit of action. The briefing was thorough among the three of us, that everything went like clockwork. The exchange formalities, the selection process of articles and the banking formalities, thereafter, went about flawlessly.

They were at Rani Menon's Eye Center before 1300 hrs and could begin the painstakingly long 'field trials' of Lekha's eyes. Prolonged use of Quinine can affect the quality of vision - the peripheral and the retinas and hence, the periodic check ups - in her case, annually.

They were, finally, back home by a half past 4. After a quick cup of tea, Rema was off for Palakkad and she reported having reached there by a half past 8! Her help  was of immense value and we could pull off a long pending job, my incapacity, notwithstanding!

The new items were delivered by about 2100 hrs. Each of them were placed at their locations, the older ones picked up and dumped into their delivery van. The entire serial was over by about a half an hour.

A day, full of action, really! 

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