Tuesday, November 27, 2018


These days, the forenoon and afternoon hours have become warm but the evenings have become cooler. There's a constant light breeze that blows across, almost all through the day. The 'winters' have set in. A light shawl tossed across the shoulders, during the early mornings and the evenings would be nice.

The  breeze, incidentally, has the property of drying up one's skin resulting in itching. So, a light application of a moisturiser/cream or even oil would alleviate this problem!

The workers toil on the fields over longer hours as required because of the conducive weather shorn of the extreme heat.

The first lot of people had dropped by and installed the new cooking range in place of the old....a slight cutting of the laminated slab had to be cut in the process.

Otherwise, it was another quiet day. 

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