Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A miserable day.

Dateline 28 Oct.

I was in a terrible condition by the morn of the 28th. Went to the hospital for carrying out the tests. What I was rattled with was that despite the fact that I was the senior consulting physician's patient and my condition was pathetic, there was no sense of urgency. Moreover, I found that the place where we waited for my turn, stank of sewage and the overall services were piss poor. In addition, the liver specialist after giving me a thorough look over advised me against hospitalisation, saying that he didn't suggest my subsistence on the hospital's canteen food.

I had taken a swift decision and returned home. I'd to avoid putting pressure on Lekha and rung up Vishy, the command medical officer of the southern naval command and he asked me to reach him without further delay. And that was that!

The night was miserable, to say the least.   

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