Thursday, November 29, 2018

A hit and a miss!

Those of us having the Tata Sky direct-to-home television services have to frequently put up with the "nonsense" of being shown that if we needed to have continued and unrestricted viewing of the 'Sony Entertainment Television', we must send a missed call to a 10-digit number! The harsh reality is that the services continue to be in a limbo even after doing so.

The service provider collects its fees promptly but do not show the alacrity in restoring the facility. The doubts that come into my mind and I'm sure to many others are:-

    (i) Is it a wily game being played by Sony and the Tata Sky?
   (ii) If affirmative, what's this latest form of cheating the public?

Anyways, we've decided that when our present subscription terminates early next year, Tata Sky shall no more be our choice. And watching programmes on Sony shall be passe even when available! Too much of earnings have made it immune to the customers' needs. Sad!


Have been watching the the musical programme 'Top 10' on the Malayalam Flowers Channel every evening between 2030 - 2130 hrs. It's a treat to watch the child prodigies perform. Great!

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