Wednesday, November 28, 2018

In continuance.....

Had got up quite early in the morning and went through my chores, earlier than usual. Lekha went about her's at the normal time.

After a rather heavy breakfast of 'idiyappams and stew', lazed around with my normal work. By about lunchtime, the company's installation representative announced his arrival. I find that there are a lot of hidden costs after the purchase of an item. As examples, let me narrate the two cases:-

  (a) The microwave oven.

        (i) Insists on a voltage stabilizer @ Rs. 1,470/- So, bought one.
       (ii) Spoke of an additional warranty of 1 year given only by the guys who come for the demo.
             Refused it.

  (b) The washing machine.

         (i) Insists on a filter since water is inputted from the well. Vetoed it as we have an overhead
              filter that puts in its output into the storage tank.
        (ii) Again insisted on a magnetic filter closer to the input of the washing machine to remove
              iron ore content. It had to be vetoed too.
       (iii) Suggests a stand for the machine which had to be shot down too.
       (iv) Offers a 1,200/- costing liquid washing soap, which again, had to be vetoed.

After much waiting, Vishnu, the bank manager, came about at around 1700 hrs to finish my 'Jeevan
Praman' formalities. Phew!

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