Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Could clear my work.

The day had begun on a wonderful note. I could finally get the cable on at 5 AM and watch the nice programmes that come out at that time which is a mix of devotional, old music and the not so recent ones.

Murali Nair had dropped by and thanks to him, I could clear my electricity and landline bills for last month. Those jobs are behind me now. It was Murali's patience that won the day. Incidentally, they were just back from Bangalore after their course alumni get together. Radhika, however, is down with fever.

The IONS is on its second day. The photograph of Lanba walking with his head down away from his aircraft said it all. Already, the event has receded into the interiors of the newspapers!

Lekha has tied up with the Rajah Ayurveda Hospital at Akaladu regarding my immediate admission after discharge from here. George has been alerted and kept standby.

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