Thursday, November 22, 2018

A normal day.

Had got up before 6, gone through the chores and was ready, as usual, by 9. It was a nice breakfast of 'adas' and a cup of Bournvita. The whole day was spent in reading, watching television, sleeping etc.
Also monitored the telephone calls that came by; my voice is yet to get okay.

Lekha and the maid went to the Guruvayur temple on their weekly visit. They bought the 'kadali pazham' for me to have. On return, Lekha had dropped by to look up Mrs. Rajah and thank her for the delicacies that she'd sent over yesterday!

Aniyan is coming by tomorrow on a flying visit. It will be a  'no stay' visit and he'd be all by himself. Usha ammayi is still recouping from the fall that she'd last month with a brace around her abdomen to reduce the pain'


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